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Your Child Deserves A Chance To Be A Success Story.

At Elm Street Placements we are experts at evaluating the needs of children, teens, and young adults and at matching them with the right program.

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Our Team

Lucy Pritzker, MS

Founder and Senior Educational Therapeutic Consultant

Raegan Freeman

Office Manager & Associate Consultant

Kate Rinaldi

Associate Educational and Therapeutic Consultant



How We Help

Families concerned about their child's educational needs, mental health struggles, substance abuse, or behavioral issues, rely on Elm Street Placements for expert guidance.

At Elm Street Placements we are experts at evaluating the needs of children, teens, and young adults and at matching them with the right program. We travel the country evaluating boarding schools, therapeutic wilderness programs, residential treatment centers, and assessment centers so you can be assured you are being referred to just the right fit.

Boarding Day

Supportive Boarding and Day

Elm Street Consultants travel the country visiting supportive boarding schools--schools that have a full range of academic options, athletics, and performing art opportunities. They provide warm, predictable communities for students who may be sensitive, quirky, socially awkward, or just want to do something different. We know the curriculums, the school philosophy, the social climate, and the scene on the athletic fields.

We have a deep understanding of the boarding schools’ learning centers and counseling centers.

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Learning Disabilities, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Options

Elm Street Consultants travel the country to visit schools designed for students who have dyslexia, auditory/visual processing disorders, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, autism spectrum disorders, and other learning disabilities.

We spend time on these campuses. We pay special attention to methods used to remediate students and how schools provide grade-appropriate content to students who learn differently. We know social skills training programs and which schools implement them effectively.


Therapeutic Options

When your child is struggling, choosing the best therapeutic program can be overwhelming. At Elm Street Placements our consultants visit and have first-hand knowledge of:

  • therapeutic day schools

  • therapeutic boarding schools

  • hospital-based stabilization and assessment programs

  • therapeutic wilderness programs

  • therapeutic summer programs

  • residential treatment centers

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Young Adult Options

Many of our 18+ year old students struggle with “failure to launch.” They appear unmotivated, dysregulated, avoidant, and addicted to their screens. They’ve tried college but it didn’t work out. Or they still have some high school to complete. Others struggle with drug addiction, OCD, depression or anxiety that have overtaken their ability to function.
A continuum of options are available for young adults 18-30+.Elm Street Placements consultants visit programs throughout the country and help families and young adults navigate their options and choose the right fit program.

We understand the difficulties that come with raising a child with challenges and know just how life-changing the right program can be. Our goal is to help families find the appropriate educational and therapeutic programs for their children, teens, and young adults.

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Our Five Commitments To Your Family


Working Solely for Your Family

We accept payment only from you and never receive payment in the form of money or in-kind from any school or program for a referral.


Doing The Work For You

We ask the hard questions you want answers to. Has the program had lawsuits or licensing issues? What’s behind a recent bad review? What about staff retention?



We uphold your confidentiality as well as yourchild’s and will not release information without signed consent from you.


First Hand Visits

The programs we recommend for your child are programs we have visited first hand. In the rare instance that is not the case, we rely on the in person visits of our trusted colleagues.


Comprehensive Assessment

We want to know your child. Whenever possible, we will meet with your child prior to making recommendations for placement. We also understand this isn’t possible in every circumstance and will assess the situation with you.

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Placement Process

Our consultants visit schools and programs throughout the country, as well as great programs overseas. They evaluate these programs, their curriculum, philosophy, and success rates. They pay close attention to social dynamics, the facilities, as well as teacher and staff interactions with students. Our consultants develop relationships with the admissions teams and understand their process. Their intimate and extensive knowledge of these programs is imperative in our consultants' ability to help create a plan of action to help each individual student meet their long-term educational, therapeutic, and life goals.

Initial Consultation

Prior to our meeting, we will read school reports, IEPs, neuropsychological evaluations, and other documentation that will help us understand your child.

The initial consultation is a Zoom session with parents, lasting approximately an hour and a half. This is the time to tell your story. We would like you to paint a picture of your child and family from early on until now.

With the information gathered, the conversation turns to what type of program is appropriate and what the different types of programs are like.

Contact us for a brief inquiry call to learn more about our fees and services. Call or schedule today.

First Placement

Once the decision to move forward with the placement is made, a meeting with the student is scheduled. This meeting can be a school observation, a meeting in the office, a bite to eat, etc. Sometimes meeting with the student isn’t a good idea. We’re flexible.

Many of our families have been working with a number of professionals by the time they come to our office- therapists, psychiatrists, tutors, teachers, mentors, and coaches. We will speak with your team to gather more information.

After careful consideration, the appropriate schools/programs will be contacted and we will have an in-depth conversation with the directors. We then provide you a final, individualized list of schools and programs to choose from and help you every step of the way as you make your decision. We help you ask the right questions, speak with the right people and help you make decisions.


What Happens Next?

Often the first placement is intended to be short term. In these short-term placements, the consultant has weekly calls with your child’s therapist to understand your child’s strengths and challenges in the program and what is working and what isn’t. The information is used to guide the process of choosing the second, longer-term placement.

Our consultants guide your family through the options and will again help you make the right decisions. While your child is in the longer-term placement, your consultant is available to you for support and is continuing to monitor your child’s progress.


"Grateful Parents"

As our son is poised to leave his young adult program, we are tremendously grateful to you for your integral role in his journey to health and self-sufficiency.
We look back to last August when we first contacted you. You spent many hours speaking with us and the people who worked with him to get a complete picture, and then through extensive research and discussion you efficiently arrived at this choice for our son.

We are so grateful to you for your expertise and for homing in on the particulars of our son’s profile that ultimately led you to select the program as the best fit for him at that stage in his journey.
It is people like you, with your networking skills, breadth of knowledge, and professionalism, along with your compassionate and personalized approach, that help parents and their struggling children take steps toward healing and growth.
We are truly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you!


A Parent's Guide to Residential Treatment for Children,Teens & Young Adults

by Lucy Pritzker

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